A couple that grows together stays together

If one person in a marriage wants to grow and the other wants to stay the same, Houston, we have a problem. The one who wants to grow will feel held back and will have to make a decision to either stay small and settle in life, or outgrow that person which means the relationship will have a rough time making it.

In life, you are either growing or dying, getting ripe or getting rotten. There actually is really no staying the same. My wish for you is that your significant other in your life chooses to grow with you. Be sure you are both on the personal development path. This leads to a life of fulfillment, congruence and happiness.

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About the Author Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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