Bitcoin is about to make a huge move


Up? Down?  My crystal ball says… follow the social media trending.  Is the buzz increasing or decreasing?  That will be the answer.

Have you invested in any cryptocurrencies? I am not going to tell you why I have or haven’t, or whether you should or shouldn’t. But I can tell you I’ve watched Bitcoin go from $700 to $20,000 in twelve months!  I’ve never seen anything like it. I missed riding that wave, but I didn’t miss the business lesson in it!  Bitcoin is a speculative investment. People are flocking to get in on it because they see others posting about how much they’re making from it. It’s the biggest buzz I’ve ever seen and it’s sweeping the world. You feel like you’re the only one not jumping in … so you jump. This is why the price keeps bidding up up up. It’s driven by FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out.

Now here’s the lesson, my network marketing friends. Your goal is to create that same FOMO about your company and opportunity. Get so many people talking everywhere about how great your company is. Stories, stories, stories, stories, stories, stories, stories. Then keep sharing those stories!  Make people feel like they’re missing out and they cannot stand by and miss out any longer. All of these people are on social media pumping Bitcoin. They’re posting about how well their own investment is doing. They aren’t really explaining it (some frankly don’t even fully understand it themselves!), they are just telling their story of how well they are doing with it. Same thing you need to do. You don’t want to pitch your deal. You just want to keep putting the stories out there and let people ask how they can get in on it. Bam! Simple. Powerful. Effective. 

In a nutshell, I don’t care about Bitcoin. I care about learning how to use FOMO to move people. This has been an incredible lesson that I will employ forever. Hope you do too!

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