As the old saying goes “Amateurs convince, professionals sort”… I believe in this — to an extent.  While I never want to try and twist someone’s arm into starting a business, and I do believe in saying less to more people so I can move on in search of open minds ready for a change, I also believe in following up.  Many of the biggest million dollar earners in network marketing came aboard well after their first visit.  Some of them took 5, 7, or even 20 follow-ups to finally decide.

Here’s my mindset, which has served me very well in recruiting over 1,400 people personally.  I like to speed through my first approaches, and sorting through to see who is open to look at some info.  I can get through a list of 100 people in a few days, and maybe find 10 willing to check out a presentation.  The other 90 are still followed up on again later (the only ones I remove from my list are the truly negative or lazy-sounding ones who I really would not want to work with).  Then of the 10 who see a presentation, they go into my hot list notebook, and they get more regular/frequent follow-up calls from me until they sign up.

Follow-up is where the fortune is found.  This is the most important aspect of recruiting.  This is what I do every day.  I don’t beg, I don’t convince, but I do continue to find different angles to share with people why this business is the answer to their life challenges, and their key to freedom.  I have had hudreds of people I recruited say to me, “I am going to get into that business with you because you are seriously the most persistent person I have ever met.”  Thank you, I say, hoping they will remember that and model it in their own activity in their business building.

Brian Carruthers

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Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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