Don’t Settle


Have you settled?
Are you living the dream?

Is this what you dreamed of?

Or have you just decided to let yourself off the hook and convince yourself that you are happy, when you are actually just content?

If this is it … then you have settled for something less than having it all, and living up to your full potential. You can never experience utmost happiness unless you have reached higher to go as far as you can go. This is because deep down you know you could have done more, had more impact. People who are not achievers will tell you that you should just relax and be happy with where you are, be satisfied. They will tell you to be more balanced and don’t work too hard. It’s interesting. Why do they tell you to slow down?  Because the higher you go, the lower they feel. Your friends and family want you to stay down with them because your soaring success will reveal that they gave up and settled.

Do you know you can do more?

You have yet to fulfill your full potential. You know you are capable of doing much bigger things. You are designed to be a success; a shining example of what others can become.

The fact that you are reading this blog, striving to gain the knowledge and skills required to become more successful, shows you are on the right track. Upward. You refuse to rot on the vine. You want to remain in growing mode, getting more ripe.

You feel good about yourself because you know you are doing what you should be. And darn it, I am darn proud of you. This world needs more people like us. Too many people have settled into just coasting along and not giving life their best. That’s a sin in my book. We were given this life, and we cannot squander it in lazy complacency.

Study more.
Learn more.
Grow more.
Get better.
Practice your craft.
Master your craft.
Become the best.
Teach others to do what you do.
Inspire others.
Impact others.

Change the world.

You may not know this yet, but you are a leader. You are leading yourself, and everyone who is watching you. It is your responsibility to win. You cannot quit. Everyone is watching. It’s to be understood why those not on your same journey want you to fail. They don’t want to be shown up. But then there are those of us who need you to win because your example is wind beneath our wings.

The haters will hate, so let them. Your example will live like a flower planted in their weed garden. Your success will cause you to grow and stand out. Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. You want nobody to hate on you? This can be your reality, just settle and stay down where the average people reside. Misery loves company and they will welcome you back there with open, smelly arms.

You are better than that.

You know you want it all.
You want to win, and thus you will strive and strive until you’ve won.
So what must you do?

You must launch on a 90-Day Run.

Ninety days of all-out, ass-kicking, full-speed growth and IPA (Income Producing Activity).

Get more laser focused than you’ve ever been. Inform your family and friends that you cannot be distracted, that you are changing your life and creating legacy success. You must block out your evenings and weekends for production time. You are building your empire like an obsessed artist. Laser focus like a heat-seeking missile after your goals. Big goals. Worthy goals that you can’t sleep because they excite you so much.

Trust me, you can do it. How do I know? I did it. I did exactly all of this. And it’s way worth it. Expect pushback from your family and friends. But endure that and do it anyway. You’ll be so proud when looking back from the top of the mountain.

I’m your cheerleader and I’m right here in the trenches with you. We are headed there together!

About the Author Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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