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Two extremely effective closing tips in network marketing

Want to know the best way to close prospects after a presentation? “Strike while the iron is hot” is an expression that is so vital and true in our selling and recruiting world. When blacksmiths put a piece of iron in the fire, it turns red hot and becomes malleable. This means it can be […]

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What I Say When I do Follow Ups

One of the biggest questions I always get is, “What exactly do you say when you follow up with your prospects to get them to join?” Watch this video for my answer. Be sure to use the Share icons above and share this video with the rest of your team!

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You Spoke … We listened

Building An Empire is the most complete blueprint on how to build a massive Network Marketing business. The book went #1 on Amazon upon release, and has been mentioned by many networkers as “clutch” and “instrumental” in them becoming top earners in their companies over the last 3 years. I love paperback books so I can highlight and underline, and […]

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As the old saying goes “Amateurs convince, professionals sort”… I believe in this — to an extent.  While I never want to try and twist someone’s arm into starting a business, and I do believe in saying less to more people so I can move on in search of open minds ready for a change, I […]

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How to land the BIG DEALS

  For anyone who is looking to land the huge deals that can make their career and explode their business, here’s the tip of the century for you! Build your Empire!!  

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