What’s Your Personal Growth Budget?


brian2I spoke last weekend at the GoPro Recruiting Mastery in Las Vegas in front of 16,000 attendees AND another 15,000 live streamers. This was exhilarating! I got to share with networkers around the world how to increase their recruiting and grow their business. I shared a small excerpt from my Top Recruiter Secrets training program and capped it with the microwave analogy skit. The feedback I got afterwards from the legends of our industry who were in the front rows was something I will never forget,

bransonBut this three-day event was much bigger than me sharing my insights and training, and feeling proud of myself. I got to speak on the same stage with Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson (the most humble, caring, inspiring billionaire in the world). What I GOT from the event is hard to describe. My BELIEF and pride in this profession we are in was raised higher than ever before. I listened to 12 other seven-figure earners sharing from their hearts from stage. I had personal conversations with hundreds of networkers during the breaks who are pursuing their dreams and goals. The stories of triumph and success had me in awe.

Tony Robbins spent four hours helping us discover how to live in a peak state. This is something I personally needed. It amazes me how most people don’t think they need his type of coaching, but I will rush to say I personally gained so much in those hours that will better the rest of my life. Hearing from my mentor Eric Worre, who taught me so much years ago about how to build my business, was extremely impactful. He is one of the best in the business. Then I got to hear about 90 minutes from Richard Branson. What I learned from him is how to have the attitude of going for it. He talked about how many companies he started, how many failed and the ones we all know that worked. His mindset is what allowed him to create his billion dollar empires. That morning he spoke, just hours before he was on stage, Richard was in the Mojave desert watching his Galactic spaceship take off for a test flight. My mind was blown. I know that none of us are thinking big enough.

brian3So here is a big takeaway for me. Eric asked the audience how much our personal growth budget was for the year, and what our number will be for 2017. Wow, I must admit, what I did spend came back in multiples. I spent $50K on learning how to develop marketing funnels for my generic training platform. That came back big. The books and trainings that I consumed helped my network marketing income increase by 21%. So I have decided to invest more into me, so my ROI will be far greater going into 2017. What’s your budget? How much are you spending on your growth? If a college kid will spend north of $100K on a degree that might take him/her years to pay off (assuming they even get a job in that field), as a business owner wouldn’t it make sense to invest in educating yourself how to get better at the business you ARE passionate about?

teaachingPeople flew from around the world to this GoPro Recruiting Mastery. Why? They WANT to become masters at recruiting. My 20-minute talk got incredible reviews and the feedback has made me blush. I am glad it was so well received. But the truth is, that was only a snippet of what I teach in my Top Recruiter Secrets training program. In this, I teach my 8 places I find prospects, what exactly to say to get them interested, how to close more of them, and so much more. If you are not recruiting the numbers you’d like, don’t keep swinging the same dull axe. That won’t improve results. Sit down with someone who IS getting massive recruiting results and sharpen your axe. Then go apply. Then review the training again, and go apply again. That’s how I learned, and that’s how I can teach you. Get your hands on TRS right away. Wasting any more time makes no sense. Not buying this training costs you more than buying it. Get it right now.

Next year when I see you at GoPro, I want you to come shake my hand and tell me the percentage increase you have experienced in your recruiting. We will snap a picture with both of our faces wearing enormous smiles together!!!

Have an awesome day!!! Learn, Recruit, Learn, Recruit!

About the Author Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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