How to handle unsupportive relatives and friends


How do handle relatives and friends who aren’t supportive of your business?

Well let’s see if you need help…

If you signed up all of your family and friends as customers and recruits, you hit the jackpot and you’re officially a unicorn! I love that rainbow over your head too!

If you even signed up half, you’ve got a little green leprechaun as your wingman. You must have been eating lots of bowls of lucky charms and your sugar high has you running fast!

If you signed up some of your warm market, but the rest are all gleefully cheering you on, you must have been a saint your whole life, and your karma account must be in the millions!

If you signed up only a handful, a few more are happy for you and giving you leads, but most think you’re wasting your time with this scheme and they are quick to tell you so … and some avoid you because they don’t want to be confronted with having to let you down … you’re just the typical network marketer and there’s nothing special about you!

This is the group I fell into, as well as 95% of us networkers. I have never seen a real unicorn or leprechaun. And who has all of their close contacts cheering them on? Exactly. Change that 95% to 100%. We all have plenty of people who we would love for them to support us but don’t. Heck, even if you won’t join our business because you’re dripping with excess money and time … won’t you try out our product and support my business as a customer?

How many times have these thoughts given you a headache? We can show them how they can get a better product, and at a better price, than they will get elsewhere. But they would prefer to buy from other huge companies with whom they have no connection, rather than supporting someone they “care about”?

If my good friend started a business and asked me to check out their product, as a good friend I would look for reasons to buy instead of reasons not to. We can always find reasons to back up the predetermined stance we have going into it. “I’m not going to need that product” is what they are likely already concluding before even seeing what you’ve got. “I’m not buying anything from her/him” is already in their brain. Isn’t this a shame? What if those we care about most were all willing to look for ways to support one another — like a village where everyone looked out for each other?

How can you move your situation closer to this utopia? I’m my experience, you ask for it. If you don’t set the stage, then the default stage of no support will exist.

Use your WHY. Appeal to their sense of humanity. When you approach your warm market, say something like this:

“Hey cousin, (insert YOUR why) you know how many hours I’m working? And how stressed I’ve been? And how I need to create more balance to have more family time, because you know how important that is, right? I cannot just keep on doing the same thing forever, I just can’t, for the sake of those I care about. I know you feel me. So I am sincerely asking a favor from you because that’s what we do, we support each other any way we can. You ever call on me for something, I’m right there for you. Instead of doing something like driving for Uber and taking more time away from my family, I’ve decided to start a side business. I figure if I can bring value to people’s lives and make an extra living from it, that win-win would go a long way. Can I show you the product/service I am marketing, and would you look for ways that you could benefit from it? I want it to truly be a win-win. I want you to buy it and help my budding business because you see value and you want to help out your relative. Just like if your daughter was selling Girl Scout cookies, I’d find a few boxes to buy even if I’m not really wanting cookies. I would just want to support her and you. If you started a business for similar reasons as myself, I would expect to get a call so I can try to support you too. So here’s the thing. I come with no expectations except for you to let me show this to you. If you absolutely cannot find a reason for you to get benefit by becoming my customer, please just tell me. I really appreciate you.Can I buy you coffee tomorrow?”

Do you see what we are doing here? You are appealing to their heart by showing vulnerability and sharing your WHY. Now they are feeling you, so when you ask for their help, they’re a bit more receptive. You aren’t coming across like you’re trying to make a buck off of them. You have a more noble reason for asking for their support. Use what I wrote above as framework, but tweak as necessary and use your own words. I fully expect that you will still have some people tell you to buzz off. Don’t let these people get you down. Some people are just like that, and you can’t dwell on it. You can’t change someone. Just give it your best heartfelt shot, then move on! I hope this makes a great difference for you in getting more appointments and building your business. Remember your WHY (and share it with every prospect)!


Brian Carruthers

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