I agree with Grant Cardone


I spoke backstage with Grant Cardone a few weeks ago, and we have such similar beliefs.  If you’re not “all in” on any one thing in life, you shouldn’t expect big success.  Too many people are the jack-of-all-trades and the master of none.  It’s sad, frankly.  You cannot FOCUS on more than one thing at a time.  Try it.  Put two objects side by side and try to fully focus your eyes in on both at once. It is impossible!

You cannot expect great success in network marketing if you try to build more than one opportunity.  And if you don’t give your business consistent daily blocks of time to do Income Producing Activity (IPA), you will never gain traction and experience momentum that generates the passive income flow.

Grant says, “Be obsessed or be average.”  This is very true from my 24 years of network marketing experience.  Obsession means you do it all the time.  You’re always on.  Of course you don’t neglect your family or faith, or your job if you have one … but you give your business every bit of attention you can muster.  You talk to prospects everywhere you go, basically every person you meet.  You are a giving person, you care about others, and you don’t want to withhold a life-changing opportunity from people.  So you share it with everyone.

Now I must make this clear.  If you are part time, and maybe you can only devote an hour a day of focused effort to your business, that’s fine.  If you do that right, I mean really focus and do the IPA with intensity, you can create traction.  Then you can attract an army of part timers doing what you do, and next thing you know, you no longer need your job because the cash flow is coming on strong.  If you are full time right now in network marketing, then doggone it, do IPA all day every day!  Work as hard for your business as you used to at a job for someone else’s!  It baffles me, and frankly bothers me, that people go full time into network marketing and then barely work it part time.  What the heck?  It’s straight up delusional.

I want you, my loyal friend, to win … and win BIG.  That’s why I had to share my thoughts with you today.  I cannot sit back and let you believe you’re eventually going to win if you’re not doing what’s required for success.  That would be disingenuous and irresponsible of me.  People look down on network marketing because they themselves or someone they knew started in this business, didn’t do what’s required, then blamed the business model.  No, no, no! The business works if you work it.

Grant asked the crowd, “Do you feel you are blessed? Do you?”  The crowd resoundingly answered “Yes!”  Then he said, “Then go prove it!”  I agree again.  If God gave you potential for greatness, but you choose not to do great things, you are letting Him down, not just letting yourself down, your family down, your team down.  You ARE blessed.  You’re alive.  So go work your tush off and prove that to be true.  Consistently give urgent focus to your IPA every single day. God took off Sunday after He created the Earth, sun, moon, stars, rivers, birds, animals, oceans, trees, and fish.  Then, after putting in a solid 6 days of real work, THEN He rested on the seventh day.  We can rest after we’ve done some real work.  We can do more, so we should do more.

Do you agree with Grant and me?

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Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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