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I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by a great team. That’s how I made my millions. I never claimed to be the smartest guy in the room, but because I listened to people like John C. Maxwell and many other leadership experts, I realized early on that even if you consider yourself to be a 25-watt bulb, you should surround yourself with others who are 75- and 100-watt bulbs. This makes everyone shine brighter. I’ve tried to do that throughout my network marketing career.

One of the people who helps me with my books, my products, my website, etc. is a guy by the name of Paul Braoudakis.He’s one of those guys who helps me shine brighter. I’m going to do something kind of unusual today, in that I’m going to “give him the floor” as a guest blogger. Paul shared something with me yesterday that I thought was dead on, and rather than me trying to rehash his words, I asked him to share his thoughts. I think they will be impactful for any network marketer who is serious about building their business.

Here’s Paul ….


Several years ago, I enrolled in an online class that was dedicated to the study of a particular book in the Bible. I had never taken an online class before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. For some reason, I thought the work would somehow be easier. It wasn’t. I quickly found myself falling woefully behind in the reading assignments and in the online tests I was required to take. I did my best to do a little reading each day, but despite my best efforts, I simply wasn’t retaining the information nor was I able to recall it when I needed it the most. I was beside myself and ready to throw in the towel. Then it hit me.

I had remembered that there were audio recordings of the Bible that were readily available. I purchased a copy and started listening to that book of the Bible over and over and over again. When I was in my car, when I was at the gym, when I was at the beach. I called it auditory immersion. And guess what? It worked. It worked so well, in fact, that more than 20 years later that particular book of the Bible flows with ease out of me, and my recall of it is remarkable.

I leaned a valuable lesson through it all. Our brains handle information very differently depending on the sensory stimuli. This is why many people are visual learners and they need graphics to help them learn. Others need things to be printed in back and white, on paper, for the concepts to really sink in. There’s no right or wrong here. But the science has certainly been done on this, and there’s a wide consensus that auditory learning sometimes trumps them all. Especially repeated auditory learning.

Why do we know the lyrics to so many songs? Repeated auditory immersion. Why do we memorize large chunks of great speeches by JFK, Martin Luther King, and others — and even deliver them with the same pauses and cadences? Repeated auditory immersion. Why do we want to take home recordings of our favorite speeches, sermons, lessons, etc.? You get the idea. So powerful, in fact, is the auditory immersion process, that psychologists and hypnotherapists are now recommending audio recordings that are to be placed under a person’s pillow so that the information plays all night long … while they sleep. Even when we are not fully engaged, our subconscious is picking up the lessons we need. Astounding.

It’s really important that we understand this next point: For most people, audio books have been used as a substitute for reading the actual book. People have their reasons; they’re busy, they’re on the run, they want to multi-task, etc. But networkers have discovered an entirely different way to use audio books. They’re using them in addition to, and not instead of. You see, it’s one thing to read a book and even highlight the more salient points, but it’s quite another to have that information read to you over and over. This auditory immersion is a hundred times more powerful and capable of making a more lasting impression.

OK, it’s confession time. Some of you know that I helped Brian Carruthers in putting together the book Building an Empire. I did all the editing, the layout, and even contributed to several sections. And yet despite all of that, I hadn’t picked up the book in a couple of years. Please understand, that as the editor of the book, I had to read and re-read the book many, many times. By the time we went to press, I was kind of burned out on it. And I hadn’t picked it up since. I justified my actions by saying, “Well, no one knows that book better than I do since I agonized over every word in it for so long.” But I discovered recently what a monumental cop-out that was.

As you may know, the book is now available for the first time in audio format. Brian sequestered himself for several days in a local recording studio and poured his all into it. Once the recording was done, I had to take the sound files and listen to the entire book all over again to make sure it was all correct. And guess what I found? I was continually pounding my head on the table (yes, it hurt) and found myself saying things like, “Oh, my goodness, I can’t believe I forgot about that!” and “Oh, man, that is rich! Why haven’t I been doing that?” It was a huge admission of failure on my part that I had forgotten or simply ignored so many of the amazing concepts shared in the book … simply because it was not being continually reinforced in my mind.

Well, since then, I’ve listened to the audio book three times in its entirety, and it’s queued up in my Audible app for easy and frequent access. As a result of my auditory immersion, these concepts are percolating up inside of me once again. I find myself thinking differently about my business, my team, and my legacy. I’m starting to pay more attention to the fundamentals of our business that I have long neglected. And I have reawakened a new appreciation for the genius of the network marketing model.

This whole experience brought me back to those days 20 years ago when I discovered the power of auditory immersion and how it helped transform my understanding, comprehension, and ability to have instant recall of the book of the Bible that I was studying. It was truly transformative then — and it certainly can be now as well

So here’s my commitment … and I hope it will become yours too. As a network marketer, I am going to download a few good books that are in line with where I’m at in my business and in my life at this moment, and I will immerse myself in them every single day. Over and over. And over and over again. I will get them ingrained into my head until I can draw them from memory at moment’s notice. I have no doubt that this will help me tremendously, and will help you as well.

Right now, it’s Building an Empire. I’m going to squeeze every drop out of that book and listen to it over and over until I can practically finish Brian’s sentences. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. We’ve heard from several people who’ve said, “I’m glad it’s out, but I’ve already read the book.” That’s great … but it’s missing the point entirely. I’ve been reading the Bible since I was a kid, but I can’t say that I’ve fully digested it yet. I probably never will. But I keep going back to it because I know what it does for me. Same thing here. This is a book that’s not meant to be read once and checked off your list. It’s a reference manual that needs to be gone through again and again. And if you juice up those efforts by auditory immersion, you’ve collapsed timeframes and propelled yourself to a whole new level. If the $17 price tag is what’s holding you back, I hate to say it, but you’re probably in the wrong business. These incremental investments into our business pay ridiculous dividends later. And I’m all about ridiculous dividends.

So, for now, I’m all ears. How about you?

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