Message from my Heart

Many people know me as a guy who’s made millions in my LegalShield business, and I am always preaching and teaching people how to do what I do.

Love rules the world, let’s never get that twisted. But money is a necessity to do most things. Ignoring this need, or trying to justify not having enough to do things you want, well that is not a recipe for happiness or fulfillment.  I want you to understand my purpose for being me.  I want to matter, make a difference in others’ lives, in the world. My chosen way is to help them get financially free which removes much stress and allows them to live and love more. What I do matters, and I am sold on this. Sure some people might scoff at my focus on money, while others send me thank you’s for helping them to win the money game and live their best lives.

We are living in very interesting times.  Never in history has wealth creation been this accessible to every single person.  All it takes is a desire to create it, a decision to find the right vehicle, the tenacity to seek out the right mentor, and the determination to relentlessly and consistently put in the effort and work.  I am watching people who have never made more than 50K a year at a job now making 50K a month from their home based businesses. I am watching kids make fortunes in crypto, stocks and even NFT’s or collectibles. I love seeing the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well, and even soaring higher during the pandemic.

Timing is everything… not YOUR timing, but the opportunities’ timing.  It is not a matter of when you’re ready, it is a matter of you jumping at the right opportunity when it presents itself, even when you are not ready.  Frankly, if you’e wired to always put stuff off, you’re likely never going to be “ready”. Successful people are the ones who see the vision, pounce, then figure out how they will pull it off.  Maybe starting a side business seems scary not knowing how you’ll have the time.  Successful people get started then figure out how to MAKE the time for it.  They aren’t excuse makers, they are DOERS.  They just Get Shit Done (GSD).

I imagine you’ve got an opportunity staring you in the face right now.  You cover your eyes with your hands like a 2 year old child thinking that if you don’t look at it, that it’s no longer there.  No, it’s there, and it’s looking right at you wondering what the hell are you doing?!  Stop pondering your past, and stop expecting that you have limitless time in the future.  We are not guaranteed we will be here in 2023, or even this summer.  What will you do right now to start making things happen, to build your empire, your legacy. What will you leave for your spouse, kids or grandkids? Will they be talking about how successful you were, how you inspire them, and how you left them with a better life?

Let me circle back to LOVE.  I do not suggest money and success supercedes love.  I believe that you do not choose one or the other.  Live a loving life, focus on things that matter… AND in this world that revolves around having financial means, get after it and become successful. You know you need to, and that feeling of guilt I bet you often feel is your conscience telling you to do what you know you should be doing. And that’s building your own fortune, not grinding out paychecks at a job that will always be a never-ending treadmill.  Build… Your… Empire, so you can decide how you want to live your life.

I decided to embark upon a 90 Day Run myself this first quarter of 2022, because I believe there has never been a more opportune time in our society to create wealth. This is our chance to go do big things. wealth is being distributed to those willing to go grab theirs. If you don’t, you will fall further behind socio-economically. I am working 10 hour days every day through April 7th because I know what’s happening.  I hope you will stop associating with the content people in your life, and that you follow my lead. They will be asking you to lend them some money in a year or two, and that will be your choice to make then. But I don’t believe in giving a person a fish, but rather teaching them how to fish. If they aren’t willing to make the right choices, they just won’t eat fish. Maybe if they get hungry enough they will get off their a$$ and do something.

Why do I write this today? I just hope to inspire a few people to decide to get serious and get after it. I want to see many more of my friends build empires they are proud of over the next few years. If you can’t hear my words, ok just watch me and the people I am running with. Your ears or eyes will witness. If you’re in for this run, let’s go!  I can’t wait to see your greatness shine.

Best of Success,


About the Author Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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