January 5-7, 2024

You can start the new year by making yet another empty resolution … OR you can start the year the right way by formulating a plan, spending time with leaders who can help you hit the next level, and fellowship with your Team Pinnacle family in one of the most beautiful locations in the continental US!

Join us on January 5-7 in Myrtle Beach, SC for an incredible three days of training, motivation and fun! This is an event that you and your team simply cannot afford to miss!

Where We'll Be Staying

Team Pinnacle will be staying at the beautiful Kingston Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC.  With more than a half-mile of beach and spectacular waterfront views, the amazing property will provide the perfect backdrop to what is sure to be an incredible weekend of inspiration, motivation, fellowship, and team-building. 


$149  - Basic Registration

 (Includes Friday night dinner)

$189 - Premium Package

(Includes registration, Saturday night House of Blues Party, & 2024 Empire Builders Planner)

$249 -  VIP Package**

(Includes everything in the Premium Package plus:
1.  VIP section at party with Top Pinnacle Earners
2.  VIP lunch mastermind Friday
3.  Special seating all weekend
4.  Stage recognition
5.  Special coaching session before year-end AND after first week back from Myrtle Beach event)

** You can earn the VIP Package by recruiting 9 people in Q4. If you've already paid for the VIP Package and recruit the 9 new people, you will have your VIP premium refunded.

Additional Add-ons

$30  - House of Blues Party

(Ala carte admission into House of Blues
party on Saturday night only)

$50 -  Friday Night Dinner Party

(Ala carte admission into the Team Pinnacle Dinner Party only)

$40 -  Empire Builders Planner

(Included free in your Premium or VIP ticket)

Secure your place at the Team Pinnacle 2024 Kickoff Event now.


Friday, January 5
9:00 a.m. - Registration
10:00 a.m. - Event begins
Evening - Team Dinner (included)

Saturday, January 6
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Training
Evening - Team party at the House of Blues

Sunday, January 7
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Training

Payment options

  • You may spread your payments over four payments using the "PayPal Later" button on the Checkout page (see sample image below).

  • All tickets non-refundable.
  •  If you have chosen the PayPal Later option and wish to transfer your ticket to another person, you must pay off ticket before being able to transfer.

We'll see you in Myrtle Beach in:



Alan Dickerson
Alan Plummer
Alex Shahid
Alicia Verdun
Amanda Noe
Amir Bey
Anthony DiLiberto
April Hurst
Benjamin Boyles
Bonnie Sult (x2)
Brenda Murray
Brian Abramson (x2)
Bridget Parker
Britney Lynch Lynch
Bryan Jory
Carol Reed
Carolyn Mack
Carrie VanBrocklen-Camilo
Catherine Irwin
Catherine Nelson
Charles Schumer (x2)
Cheryl Cobbin
Christine Harris
Christopher Brantigan
Cindy Soto
Coach Fard Bell
Corey Muhammad (x2)
Courtney Edwards
Cristal Saxon
Daniel True (x2)
David Guidroz
David Lequeux
David Whitson
Dawn Brinkley
Deidre Glover
Denise Michelle Norris
Derek Stone
Diana Sullivan
Dianne Mundy
Dominic Ladore
Dr. Floyd Wiggins III
Dulawn Weems
Edwarner Ruffin
Elane McDade
Elizabeth Brooks
Elizabeth Gardner (x2)
Elizabeth Pacelko
Elizabeth Scott (x2)
Elsie Smoluk
Eric Wilmer
Erika Ogidan
Eva Franco
Evelyn Gavino
Ezekiel Hawthorne
Gayle Warren
Gene Gallegos
Gerry Logan Jr
Gregory Alex
Hank Herring
Harvey Fox
J. Danette Chavez
Jacque Nicholas Anthony
James Alafat (x2)
James William's
Janis Thom
Jason Bhimji
Jason Waller
Jeanie Muhammad
Jimmy Williams
Joan Huke
Johnny Reed
Jonathan Gehrig
Joyce Mills
Judith Fishman
Judith Justus
Keith Higgs
Kenneth Corum
Kenneth McRae
Kevin Torres
Linda Torres
Kimberly Shanks
Latisha Randolph
Linda Allinice
Linda Belle
Linda Whitson
Liz Foo
Mara Alexandru (x2)
Marc White
Maria Valarezo (x3)
Marilyn Picardo Rivera
Marit L. Holt
Mark Eldridge
Martin Stinson
Matthew Arnold
Mauro Morillo
Merle Miller
Michael Bailey
Michael G Leonard (x2)
Michelle Mullins
mister Lee
nancy chaconas
Nathaniel Digsby
Pamela Smith
Pamela Stewart

Paul Braoudakis
Patricia Via-Fralin
Patricia Weber
Raequane Jones
Rick Iacomacci
Ricky McGhee McGhee
Rob Hurst
Robert Bagley
Robert Hosick
Robert Joseph

Sue Joseph
Robert LaFrance
Robert Murphy (x2)
Robin Vondrak
Ronald Miranda (x5)
Ronald Szpatura
Rondalyn Renee Brown
Roxanne and Brian Richardson
sarah Mitchell (x2)
Sheila Puckett Puckett
Shelley Jasper
Sherlain Stevens
Sheron Mundle
Sherry Davis
Stephanie Fowler
Stephanie Murray
Stephen Bossom
Steve Mosley
Susan Oja
Susan Walker
Tammie Hayner
Tammy White
Ted Carnes Jr
Tewonia Foster
Timothy Sloma
Tiron Dash
Towanda Moncrease
Tracey Dunnell
Trafinna Wilson
Trent Hall
Tristan Curry
Valerie Long
Vickie Duggan
Wendy Jackson (x2)
William Copper
Willie Allen
Yvette Eldridge
Yvette Gentry

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