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Overcoming Phone Fear



In this video we’re going to talk QUICKLY about OVERCOMING PHONE FEAR and what you can do within the next 10 minutes to MOVE YOU toward mastering the phone.

I remember when I first got started in network marketing some decades ago. I wish I had something simple and easy I could have used for overcoming phone fear.

For me it took some time and I was able to not only master the phone but help many other network marketers overcome their phone fear.

Because I’m in the trenches everyday still building my business, I’m able to consistently stay ahead of the curve when it comes to calling people and exposing my network marketing business.

There’s a REASON I’ve personally recruited close to 1,500 people to date — and it has to do with a LITTLE method I created called…

The GAP Method! (Click here to download my FREE Cheat Sheet on this)

What I love about this method is that it minimizes rejection and allows you to double the amount of people you talk with on a daily basis.

This is because its condenses the call down to just a couple minutes and lets you identify who to best spend your time with going to the next step.

I just put together the ONE SCRIPT I use every day when using my GAP METHOD. You can download this now by clicking here and have it on your desk within the next few minutes.

Start using this script today and watch your recruiting start to skyrocket to new heights!

About the Author Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers has helped thousands of business associates to become successful business owners and get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families and doing the things that are really important to them. Brian is one of the top trainers in the network marketing industry and actually does what he teaches.

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