Four-Book Builder’s Bundle


Four Incredible Books in One Amazing Bundle!

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BUILDING AN EMPIRE ($15.95) — Referred to by many as the “bible” of network marketing, this book is designed to be your “everything resource” for your entire career in building your business into an empire. With more than 100 chapters/sections on nearly every facet of the industry, it’s the most comprehensive “how-to” book on the market and  has been highly recommended by the top leaders in the industry. Simply put, every serious network marketer has a copy on their bookshelf!

MONEY MINDSET ($13.99) —  As network marketers begin making extra money from their new side business, they do not have a plan for how to pay the least taxes, keep the most money, and invest it properly. They usually spend all the new money they are earning. Having earned an 8-figure income by building a team of more than 450,000 distributors, Brian Carruthers has devoted himself to teaching not just how to make millions, but how to be worth millions.

MAKING MY FIRST TEN MILLION ($3) — How would you like to only talk to and meet with people who have a red hot, burning desire to create a big income Wouldn’t that make your business much more fun? This book represents the key to the door of receptivity. It will be the spark to ignite that burning desire in your audience. The book has been created and priced so that it can be given away as your calling card – a card that will resonate and speak to people when you are not there. This book is the seed that you will plant, which will in turn create a bountiful harvest.

UNTRAPPED — ($12) If lately you have felt stuck, felt trapped, and have been questioning if this is all there is, your unrest is not uncommon. There is so much more to life than trading a majority of your daylight hours for a paycheck, regardless of the amount. If you’re tired of the shackles of a life that’s left you feeling stuck and unfulfilled, UNTRAPPED will inspire, motivate, and recalibrate you to the life of success you were meant to live!

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