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Is your upline mentor bombarding you?

Why do some associates (team members) get annoyed by seeing continuous messages sent out by an upline leader to their team? First, let’s stop and think.  If you joined a business and needed support but the opposite was the case (you DIDN’T have a caring mentor shooting you advice to help guide you), you would […]

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How to SPANK the New Year

Not “Spank,” but CRANK!!  What is your rally point? In other words, are you going to launch a new program, begin a 90-Day Run, or get everyone focused on something all at once???? That’s what it takes to pull your team in closely together and create momentum. Myself, I am launching a 90-Day Run with my own team on January 1st […]

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Why Power of ONE MORE In Network Marketing is Magic

In today’s quick training video I’m going to share with you the power of ONE MORE in network marketing. Watch how exponential growth can be had with just one extra recruit per month. This is one of the MAIN REASONS I decided years ago to leave a very high paying job in real estate. Once […]

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