THE #1 Thing that Makes or Breaks Network Marketers


I am convinced that I need to consistently remind you about the importance of consistency in the network marketing business.

When someone on your team takes a few weeks off from business activity, it becomes quite probable they will be slow to get refocused.  If someone takes a month off, I can tell you it’s very likely they will not be getting back into action.

This business is extremely reliant upon momentum.  You must continue the momentum from the exposure to the sign up process, then into the launch process to get them paid and promoted, and then keep this hands-on directing of their attention to keep active in the business until they are making full time money.  Until this becomes their bread and butter, you will always need to be concerned that they may put down their sword and never get back around to picking it back up.

When the business is a “business of convenience” – meaning they can do it or not, their life doesn’t depend on it (which is true for most people in network marketing) – then it’s crucial that you keep their attention from ever slipping.  This is what you get paid so much override income for.  The company pays you for this leadership and hands-on effort to drive productivity.  When anyone questions the MLM industry and about getting paid off the sales from their recruits and teams, they simply do not understand that this is exactly what we do to deserve those overrides. Just like a real estate broker needs to keep his agents focused and productive, we do the same, but with even more difficulty because most network marketers are not counting on their MLM income like many real estate agents count on their real estate income to live on.

Did you ever see this video clip from my talk at the industry GoPro Recruiting Mastery 2016 event in Las Vegas, with the microwave popcorn?  It’s worth watching again, because this is the #1 biggest factor that makes or breaks you in this business.


So what do I mean when I say, “stay consistent”?  You have to always be prospecting, yes of course.  And always be following up consistently with everyone in your funnel until they sign up, even if that means for years.  But I also mean consistently communicate with and work with every person on your team.  Keep reselling them on the vision, keep inspiring them with new stories (income and product), and keep doing the Income Producing Activity (IPA) with them.  Don’t just tell them to go do it.  You help them make the calls, do presentations with them, set up and take 3-way calls, and attend events together. If you aren’t talking to someone on your team (or someone else isn’t) every other day, they will get distracted and lose interest, and slip away. Or some other networker will find them and work their way in with their enthusiasm to scoop them up with their new shiny object.

How can you do this if you’re just part time in the business yourself? Of course full timers can more easily find time to do all of this consistent activity.  But that just means that part timers need to be that much better at time management to still make it happen, so that they build up enough momentum to create a team large enough that they have plenty of override income to quit their job.  Part timers can absolutely find an hour a day, seven days a week, to be dedicated to this consistent effort.  Will they… or rather… will you? Your answer will come down to how strong your WHY is?  If you want success badly enough, you’ll do it.  And if you want it really badly, you’ll find two hours a day.  Heck, I was working 50-60 hours a week when I got started and still found 3 hours a day for my network marketing business. And as soon as I had momentum on my team, I went full time so I could pour more fuel on that fire.  That’s how I made my first million here in 2.5 years by age 30.  I was one of the most consistent builders in the business. You can do what I did too, I have no doubt.

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