Do you ever struggle with 
time management
in your network marketing business?

Do you feel like you just can't seem to find time to do the activity?

Do you feel like you just can't seem to find time to do the activity?

Your breakthrough is here!


If you want to be a top earner in network marketing… you need to be more effective with your use of time than everyone else. 

Time to be challenged

I wasn't prepared for the ambush.

Like everyone else in the room, I was taking notes. I was surrounded by my network marketing peers — 10,000 of them to be exact — and all of us were mining the depths of the priceless information that was coming at us from the stage. Each speaker delivered a powerful justification for why this is the best industry in the world and why it has the power to create freedom unlike anything else out there. I was pumped!

For three solid days, we learned from the best of the best. We heard from networkers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, doctors, and athletes, each one of them adding rich nuggets to all who were in attendance.

It was one of those experiences that you wish you could bottle and bring back to your teammates who weren't able to be there. On the last day of the event I looked for common denominators that I could convey succinctly to those who would ask me what was most impactful.

That's when it hit me.

While the speakers’ backgrounds were quite diverse, they all seemed to touch on one common theme - one skill they all struggled to master. While their incomes varied, there was one currency they all struggled to master. While their levels of competence spanned the spectrum, there was one skillset that all wrestled with. And while their success easily placed them in the top 2 percent of the population, there was one monster they could not easily tame. Literally every speaker talked about it.

Time management.

Time to consider

Time management is big. Really big. Don't believe me? Google "time management" and you'll get 256 million entries returned to you. Do a search on Amazon for books on time management and you'll have 36,458 to choose from (will probably increase by the time you've read this). Time management seminars sell out shortly after they're announced. This is a big deal.

You need to understand this: 

The biggest thief of your productivity and of your financial world is time mismanagement.

Go back and re-read that sentence.

Now do it again.

Are we OK with this? What is more precious than our time and our finances? Both of them allow us to live fulfilled lives with our families and allow us — when we use them right — to be able to give back to others as well.

And because you're a network marketer, the "freedom" you have as an entrepreneur paints a particularly big target on your back. You are 10 times more prone to mismanaging your time because there isn't anyone who's forcing you to regulate it.

I see everyone, at every level in the business, struggle with finding enough time in their day to build their business. Beginners often fail to launch because they don’t know how to find time in their busy schedules. Novice builders get stuck at minimal productivity levels due to running out of time to scale up.

I've seen superstar earners hit plateaus because of their inability to rein in their time deficiencies. How tragic ... to be blessed with a business that provides you with an abundance of time and money ... and to not know how to balance it to live a congruent life.

Time to act

It's for those reasons that I decided it's time to do something about it — NOW! I got sick and tired of watching well-meaning, hard-working people with dreams of network marketing success struggle with time management until it eventually causes them to walk away from the very vehicle that was their chance to gain total time freedom.

This is why I created TIME MASTERS, a productivity training system created especially for network marketers

This is why I created TIME MASTERS, a productivity training system created especially for network marketers

TIME MASTERS, will help you to:

Learn to manage your time most efficiently to  accommodate your business

Avoid the common mistakes that most network marketers make when managing their time

Take back control of your calendar and create an action plan that will work for you 

Time to think

Look, I know that there is no shortage out there of "time management" planners, video and audio courses, DVD sets, books, etc. You may ask yourself why you would need yet another course on time management. And the answer is very simple:

The time challenges of network marketing are not the same as they are in a traditional business or in a 9-5 job.

Network marketers need to exercise a much higher level of disciplined time allocation than most. Their time needs to be properly balanced between income-producing activity, team building, followups, attending company events, recruiting appointments, etc. And yes, living your non-business life! It's a whole different animal.

Here's just some of what TIME MASTERS covers:

  • How to design a plan where you can achieve in 5 hours a week what most don’t in 30 hours
  • Understanding the breakdown of time
  • Elements you have to allocate time for
  • Maximizing your time for maximum output and results
  • How to prioritize what should demand your attention most 
  • The things you should never do when planning your day 
  • The must-do's that high performers always follow
  • The optimal way to design your day
  • The formula for maximum output in your network marketing business
  • The top time-suckers — and how to ruthlessly eliminate them from your business
  • Where to invest your time for the greatest returns 

So, just to recap. With the TIME MASTERS training kit, you'll get:


I've put a lot of thought and time into trying to help walk you through the best strategies to use to maximize your time. This video training will be available for you in your Members Only website that you can reference again and again. 


       As I come across articles, videos, and other helpful resources that I've personally vetted to help networkers grown in this area, I will add them to the Members Only website for your continual use. There's already a bunch of stuff back there in the BONUS section.


       The only planner on the market that was made by network marketers for network marketers. The planner by itself sells for $40 but is included FREE with your TimeMasters bundle. See more about the planner here.

Are you ready for this?

The TIME MASTERS program, normally $97 by itself
is ONLY $67  

and includes the Empire Builders Planner!

Time to decide

Lose all your money and you can get it all back. Lose your home and your fortune, and you can get it all back. Lose even your reputation and you can get it back.

But lost time is gone. Done. Finished.

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, "Lost time is never found again." So true.

So how much longer do we want to squander the one commodity that cannot be replaced or reclaimed? And when we work in a profession where mastering time is the paramount ingredient to our success, should we not pour all we have into making sure we master it?

This is your time. It's time to decide. To decide whether you're going to tame the time monster or allow it to continually rip away at your network marketing business and sabotage your best efforts.

Don't let it happen. Order TIME MASTERS today and get your free planner, and let's make this your most productive year ever!

I'm in, Brian!
Only $67 — AND I get the planner? Complete no-brainer!

Due to the proprietary, downloadable nature of this material, absolutely no refunds will be issued.

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